Founding and early history

In late-1893 Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company was formed by merger of Wallace and McAfee Company and Fostoria Shade and Lamp Company. They were located in Fostoria Ohio. In 1895 the Fostoria, Ohio plant burnt and in 1896 Consolidated moved from Fostoria, Ohio to Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. In 1911 Consolidated had 400 employees and was the largest  lamp, globe and shade works in the United States. You can learn more about early Consolidated production by viewing this PowerPoint presentation by Tom Jiamachello : Early Consolidated Glass on the PowerPoint Presentation page.

Entering the art glass marketplace

Reuben Haley, formerly vice president at United States Glass Company, set up his own independent design firm "Metal Products Company" (with rented space at Consolidated's offices in Coraopolis). He convinced Consolidated to enter the art glass market and Consolidated introduced a line of art glass called "Martele" in 1926. The art glass line was designed by Reuben Haley, who was inspired by Rene Lalique. Lalique's work was prominently displayed at the 1925 Paris "Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifes et Industriels Modernes" (the terms Art Deco and Art Moderne both came from the name of this exposition).

Martele stood for "hand wrought" and featured raised designs with floral, bird and nude motifs. In 1927 Consolidated introduced its "Catalonian" line which was a reproduction of old Spanish glass from the province of Spain called Catalonia. In 1928 Consolidated introduced the "Ruba Rombic" line of Art Deco glassware which is eagerly sought by today's Art Deco as well as Consolidated glass collectors. The Great Depression caused Consolidated to shut down from 1932 until 1936.

In the 1940's and 1950's they continued to produce art glass; however, much of it was their milk glass line called "Con Cora." The factory was destroyed by a fire in 1963 during a labor dispute.

Consolidated Cased Glass

Cased glass is glass with two or more laters. Typical Considated cased glass has an inner opalescent layer overlayed by a clear glass layer that color is fused onto. Here is a slideshow with some choice examples of Consoldted cased glass.

Yellow Cased Dancing Girls
This is the Consolidated's Dancing Girls vase in an extremely rare yellow (or Honey) cased finish. You do not see these everyday.
Purple Cased Lovebirds Vase
This is the Consolidated's bulbous Lovebirds vase in a rare purple cased finish.
Purple Cased Gold Fish
Here is Consolidated's Goldfish vase in a rare purple (or amethyst) cased finish.
Purple Cased Dogwood Vase
Consolidated's Dogwood vase is one of the more commonly found patterns; however, it is rare in this gorgeous purple (or amethyst) cased finish.
Green Cased Lovebirds Banana Boat
The Consolidated's Lovebirds banana boat is a spectacular piece of glass at 14" wide. It is extremely rare in cased finishes.

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