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Jack D. Wilson, author of Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980 has established a YouTube channel where he is publishing videos about Consolidated Martele, Catalonian, Ruba Rombic, Florentine, L'Ora, Regent, Con-Cora and more. He also covers Phoenix art glass, the related Muncie Pottery designs by Reuben Haley, Kopp Modernistic glass and an interesting line of silver plate that is complimentary to Ruba Rombic glassware, Benedict Modernistic.

Jack plans to publish a video every week (on average) on these topics. Below you will find a link to his Phoenix & Consolidated Glass Playlist. Please subscribe to his channel as that will allow you to receive notification when Jack publishes a new video.

YouTube Channel

Here is the introductory video:


YouTube Channel Playlist